Zombie Zoid Zenith


Hi, I'm Arthur.

I'm a boy who loves to do cool stuff. I really like to play games, RPG, watch movies and skating, but what I like most is to play baseball with my dad in the riverside park side where I live.

Whenever I can I go to the attic to talk with my grandpa. He's crazy, has some awesome stories and always teach me many things. He shows me pictures of when he was younger. You need to see!

Grandpa taught me to take some cool photos. He even gave me his old camera. Pretty cool. Whenever I can I take pictures to show him. Here comes a story... and two hours have passed, heehhehe.

The city where i live is really quiet. It's an old town with loots of cool buildings. I think some of those are medieval. Some say there are things hidden underground, father Damien always say that, but I think it's to scary us.

My girlfriend lives in a road to city. Her name is Mafe. She is very beautiful, I like to walk with her and talk about movies and games.

I think there is some thing strange happing. Mon and Dad went to the city and are taking too long to come back. I will look for some news, maybe I find out what's happing...